Peacock Artisan Breads
Enjoy the wood-fired goodness of Peacock Artisan Breads at Farmhouse Gallery & Gardens.  Baked in a traditional beehive oven, these breads are a treat for your taste buds.   We frequently feature whole wheat, traditional sourdough, Cajun spice, tomato basil, cheesy Swiss rye, cranberry walnut, and, our customer favorite, Peacock pinwheel bread.  Pat fires up the oven every Friday, so feel free to call 423-743-8799 to place an order, or come on by to see what’s cooking!  You can also purchase Peacock Artisan Breads at the Jonesborough Farmer’s Market on Saturdays during the warmer months.

Peacock Granola Bars
The latest addition to the amazing eats at the Farmhouse, Pat’s Peacock Granola Bars make for a scrumptious snack.  Packed full of whole grains, nuts, and dried fruit, these granola bars are a delicious, high-energy snack to keep you going, whether you want to stock up for an Appalachian Trail hike, or you’re looking for a healthy locally-made snack for your kids!  Contact us to place an order, or drop by for a sample!  Online ordering is coming soon!

Farmhouse Sauces
These delicious Farmhouse Sauces were created in the Farmhouse Kitchen in the mountains of East Tennessee.  These homemade, hand-poured sauces were prepared first for the friends and family of Pat and Johnny Lynch and are now available for your enjoyment.  Give your food that wonderful Southern accent with Farmhouse Sauces!  Choose from Farmhouse Original Barbecue Sauce, Farmhouse Honey Mustard Sauce, or Farmhouse Fire Spicy Wing Sauce.  Contact us at 423-743-8799 to place an order!  Online ordering is coming soon!

Farmhouse Gallery & Gardens offers event catering, including our famous pulled-pork barbecue, for events that take place at our venue.  Call us to schedule a time to visit and discuss your event and catering needs!